Find important email at the speed of light

Use folders, tags, save searches to organise and find email quickly

Export EML archives with a single click

Ultra fast search with options to filter search results, save searches and export search results

All your email exports in one place,

ready to be downloaded anytime

Adding a new user takes less then 30 seconds

Collecting email from POP or IMAP email accounts is as easy as adding your email and password.

Right click on folders, tags or saved searches to export related emails  to a downloadable EML archive for external use.

Reply and send email directly from your email archiver's web interface

You and your users can use Starkit Email Archiver to collect all your email accounts in one place

and access, reply, manage and share them from anywhere

Manage the flow of incoming messages with powerful filter rules

Move email to folders, add tags, reply with predefined messages, get notified with SMS based on incoming message criteria like subject, sender and recipients.

Find all emails, files and photos related with each contact with just a click

Starkit Email Archiver will extract and create a contact list from your email data. You will have all senders and recipients found in your entire email data in one list which you can export and use.

In addition you can create and share your own contact lists

Starkit is the ONLY system for unlimited email archiving that will work for any type and any number of email accounts for a lifetime, with zero ongoing cost, and maintenance free.

You can do ultra-fast searches for all domains and all users at once.

Or you can do per user searches on a variety of search parameters.

Protect your business from shutting down if your email service is down

Protect your business from shutting down in case of catastrophic failure to your email system. Just add your domain and forward your mx records to your Starkit Appliance. Your users will continue to vire, reply and manage email as normal, no changes required on user settings. If you wish, you can forget your old email provider forever and keep using Starkit as your private email system which you own and control.