About Starkit

Starkit is a highly specialized company that focuses in the development of email management technologies for small to medium companies .

Why did we create Starkit?

The short answer we needed it for ourselves. We are business owners ourselves for many years and we felt entrapped to the many business risks associated with the correct management of our critical email data and the actions of other people outside or inside our business. 
Most email archiving solutions are cumbersome and complex to setup and manage. We wanted something that can be installed by anyone, even with no technical skills In today’s globally interdependent market place, risks to businesses are no longer isolated by industry or location or company size. It doesn't matter if you are a soho, small business or an enterprise, risks from not having an email archiving solution are the same. Email archiving should be available to everybody.

Businesses need protection from risks that are not insurable.

Managing and mitigating risk is a necessity for survival, but not all risks are as insurable as transoceanic cargo or natural disasters. Risk like lost of privacy and being watched by service providers, government espionage, equipment seizure by the authorities, loss of access to online services and sabotage from employees are not insurable.  Even if there was such an insurance, when something catastrophic like this happens usually the result is fatal.  According to Forbes, 80% of companies that fail to recover from a major disaster within one month will go out of business.

By Business Owners, For Business Owners

Starkit is the labor of love on behalf of the business owners community. Every feature of this system is developed with business owners needs in mind. Starkit's devoted community participates in the company development process. We want to expand our community and together transform the way email is managed.

Philippos Nikiforos

Andy King

Stelios Milidonis

Head of Support


Head of Development

Who is behind this project?

Founder and Head of Design

We are a team looking to make better email management systems for business owners like us, who worry about the availability and security of their critical business data.