Starkit is the only email archiving system that works amazingly fast on autopilot for any type of email account you have (POP or IMAP). No matter how many email accounts you have, and no matter if is 500GB or 1000GB or 10TB of data, performance and search speed is the same. You can install Starkit in less than one hour even if you have no technical skills and without having to make any changes to your existing systems.

5 ways to protect your business from lawsuits, fraud, cyber attacks, spying and catastrophes in less than 1 hour with Starkit Email Archiving

In fact 26,263 individuals and businesses in 54 countries

have used our method already to protect their business

  1. Find any email even if it was deleted years ago and use it to resolve client disputes and win court cases
  2. Prevent disgruntled employees from deleting important email data and walking out the door, taking your company’s confidential information, business leads, clients and other core business assets with them
  3. Rescue your business from going bust in the case of a catastrophic failure or lost access with your current email system or service
  4. Take the control of your emails and documents  from your service provider instead of the other way around
  5. Built-in webmail with secure mail server to communicate privately and securely with your clients without worrying that service providers or governments are watching you

Can one email archiving system really protect my business from lawsuits, fraud, cyber attacks, spying and catastrophes?

Yes, and all starts with one simple but staggering effective secret method you can learn today watching the video presentation below.

What is Starkit?

Starkit Email Archiving System Presentation

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